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Thank you Balbir and your group of employees for building my new home.

Originally interested in your development at McKinstry Village, but not being in that 55 and over crowd you told me about your upcoming Creek Trail development, it was just what I was looking for. Having built my own homes in the past I knew some changes were necessary and I would like to thank you for being receptive to my requests and building the home that I wanted.

The finished product is great and this is a home I intend to live in for many years to come.

Ellen Peet

The Pictorial

Jacking up the level of vitality in the Duncan area and utilizing space earned two local business owners kudos from council Monday in the form of inaugural development awards. Balbir Prahar, owner of development company the Parhar Group, received the new Residential Development Award for Excellence for his McKinstry Village project. "It's great to be recognized for the quality work we do," Parhar said. "There used to just be a huge hole there and council recognized that we took that space and turned it into housing: the Kind that there is a big need for." The project took a chunk of land with one home on it and was prone to flooding, and placed 24 luxury seniors' homes in a gated community. "Any development from hereon in will be increased density and this project gives a good look at how that can be accomplished without losing the atmosphere," Mayor Phil Kent said. " In addition, it allowed us to improve our storm water and sewer system in the area." Kent added developments in the area that attract more people to Duncan to take advantage of the services and businesses offered needs to be recognized.

Mr. Parhar presenting the Burke family with their new home

Thank you for building us a beautiful home. Your dedication to detail and craftsmanship was apparent throughout the entire building process, and is evident in the creation of a home that is full of character and style. We are completely satisfied with our new home.

During the building process we continuously experienced the feeling of having our expectations exceeded. The construction schedule was always on time. Your RE/MAX sales team of Doug Irving and Cal Kaiser ensured that answers to our questions were provided in an accurate and timely manner. 

ASBUILT HOMES thoroughly impressed us with the attention to detail and consideration given to building the highest quality home. Your dedication to craftsmanship and quality is becoming even more apparent as we spend more time enjoying our new home.

Thank you, 
Lina & Michael Burke